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Cartel Medio Maraton 2014 / has reached an agreement with the organizers of the Asics Half Marathon and 5K Villa de Madrid Madrid MMT seguros , Asociacion deportiva Marathon .

If you plan on staying in Madrid for the Half Marathon then you can do it in one of our apartments in the centre of Madrid with the following advantages:

– Apartment with prices range from 22 € per person per day ( minimum 2 people ) onwards.

– Some of them, located less than 10 minutes walk from “Parque del Retiro” , where arrival and departure will take out.

– And most importantly … You can leave the apartment after 12:00 so you’ll have time to pick up your things and stretch 😉

As you know, the Asics Half Marathon Villa de Madrid will be held on April 6 . Registrations are at a good pace and all indications are that this year will exceed the record wizard at last year stood at 2,013 to 19,000 registered runners.

According to the organization data that already have, this year will be increased the presence of foreign runners as well as women because many of them take advantage of this great event to debut in a test of this nature.

As a regular rider of this race  I’ll give a few tips , first, do not forget to do a load of carbohydrates a week before the test and hydrate in the right size (not by excess or by default) to get the day the race in good condition . Second, once you are on the race , pay attention to Km 18 ( Pso. Reina Cristina ) and rising Km19 ( Alfonso XII) + 20Km flat false ….. I assure you that if you have not booked some forces can be an ordeal.

Study well the tour and especially the terrain thereby avoid surprises in the race and rise above the Km19 or too long Bravo Murillo Street .

By the way, do not forget to greet the fireworkers at  “Calle Santa Engracia” whom year after year are turning to runners giving them encouragement.

Stay with us , go to our Web , book an apartment in the center of Madrid and enjoy the City as you are at home .

You’ll have to choose between a lot of options , an apartment by yourself or with friends to enjoy your stay with the family or with friends.  Look, Book and enjoy because you will stay in the heart of the City.

We have all kinds of studios and apartments , designed to enjoy as they are fully equipped with everything you need to make you feel at home.

Send us an e- mail to and , attached  your registration and manage a departure later than 12hrs .

We have Apartments in the centre of Madrid from € 22 per night per person ( minimum 2 pax . )

If you do not find what you’re looking for send us an e- mail to to hear a proposal.

Tel – +34 91 810 43 57

Mobile – . +34 646 54 84 01

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